Thursday, July 11, 2013

Room is ready!

We spent the day catching up on everything we should have done over the last month, but we put off because we were a little busy with IVF.

Yard work, check. Blah. I hate doing yard work. With a passion. We already pay local kids to mow our yard because we don't like doing that either. I hate pulling weeds. All of my flowers are dead, but that's typical for July. I usually lose interest in my flowers by mid-June. I just don't see the point. Yeah, lazy, I hear ya. I like looking at other people's flowers, but I just don't enjoy growing my own. And, if I'm trying to make myself happy, well, gardening and flowers aren't my thing.

Cleaning up nursery room, check! That was a little more involved than I expected it to be. Ayden has been throwing toys in there that he is done with. So, we had to go through those, as well as move furniture. Then, I decided to paint the trim at the last minute. Seriously, that was an all day job. But, now that it's done, it feels sooooo good! It's something we've been putting off because we weren't quite sure about getting a room ready for a baby that isn't even here or on the way. Clearly, not getting the room ready was more of a jinx then getting it ready. So, whatever happens, the room is done and looks adorable.

Tomorrow, I need to buy a mattress for the crib and bedding. I can't even tell you how weird it feels doing that when there isn't even a baby here yet. I feel like a fake. But, our case worker needs to see where a toddler will sleep, so I need to do it for that reason. It still feels weird. Now, I will tell you that the bedding I'll buy tomorrow is only "fill in" bedding. The real stuff I want is a little more expensive than I want to spend just to show my case worker. Once I'm either pregnant or we're approved, then we'll drop the big bucks for what we really want.

However, going through the room today, I realized how little we really have for a baby or toddler. We have some of Ayden's old toys, books, and Thomas trains. But, that's it. I guess it's hard to know what else to get right now, so hopefully a bed is all she'll be looking for on Tuesday. I'll ask her more about what we need to have at our meeting. Between either this placement or our 3 embies, someone will use this stuff, right?!

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